Saturday, July 11, 2009

New stuff!

Since becoming a vegetarian just over 2 month's ago, I've finally become very bored of rice and pasta, and anything involving the 2. This week I tried a few different things! I just walked around the grocery store until I decided on some things!

Although, I've eaten tofu many, many times, I've never ventured out into cooking it on my own. I was always confused about the different types. Hard, Soft, Medium, Dessert...I had no idea where to start. So I decided to just go for it! I choose the medium. I then pan-fried it with broccoli, carrots and some bean sprouts and tossed the entire creation with some teriyaki sauce and brown rice. The result? It was good! But..I didn't really taste the tofu. Which maybe was a good thing? I was talking to a vegan-friend at work today, and she said that she coats it in cornstarch and then pan fries it. That will be on the menu tomorrow!

Rice Paper Wraps
I've had these from ethnic restaurants a few times, and really enjoyed the Raw Taco's Ashley made with them at our WW Pot Luck. I stuffed mine with lettuce, beansprouts, chopped orange pepper and cucumber, some salsa, and cashiew's for protein.
I had to make them twice.
After I soaked them the first time, I put them down on my cutting board while I chopped the veggies. Well, apparently I wasn't thinking, and overlapped them a bit. The result? They were all stuck together! Duh, I should have thought of that, but I didn't. So then I soaked a few more and wrapped them. They were good, however next time I don't think I'll put the salsa in them, and maybe just use it to dip. I had them with a mashed potato, because I was seriously craving some carbs.
I've been craving carbs like mad lately, you'd think I was pregnant. However, there's no way that I am. So maybe I've just been eating SO many veggies lately that my body just needed some good old fat.

This week at our meeting we started the 4 week to 5 servings challenge. It's a WW challenge to make sure that we are getting 5 servings of veggies every day. Challenge number 1: To eat a rainbow! We were challenged to eat at least 3 colours every day! So far:
Friday: Banana,Kiwi, Carrotts
Saturday: Apple, Grapes, Tomato
I don't think I will have a problem with this challenge, as I have been including so many fresh fruits and veggies every day. I stopped by the farmer's market yesterday morning and picked up SO many goodies! I love the Milton Farmer's Market! We have so much farm land around us, so I know that everything is so local. There's just something about local fruits and veggies. They taste more delicious!

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  1. WTG on trying some new things. I know the feeling of being sick of rice and pasta! I like couscous (i usually add chickpeas to make a complete protein) and quinoa for some grain substitutes :)


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