Friday, April 3, 2009

Food's that help your mood!

This is an e-mail I got from Hungry Girl this morning. Check out her website, it's FULL of delicious, low calorie recipies!

I am a very moody person! I go through so many emotion's in a day. I think it's part of being a girl, and all my life experiences that I have encountered. I can wake up in the morning and be the happiest person yo have ever met, but within an hour can be sad, depressed, and not want to see the light of day. When I got this e-mail this morning, I was so excited to see that there are different type's of food that can help correct your mood!

Way out there?
For those day's that you feel like you can't grasp what's going on, and your mind is wandering in the cloud's, it's time for some protein! Think cheese, lean meat's, soy.

Feeling grumpy and depressed?
Chocolate can be the answer! The fat's, sugar's and tryptophan in chocolate has been linked to raising endorphins in your brain. Remember to try and stick with dark chocolate though, as it contain's lots of healthy fat's, and is good for your heart. If you don't like chocolate, try berries, salmon or other foods rich in folate.

Mood swings?
Best way to deal with that, is nature's God! WATER! It is always stressed how good water is for you, so drink up! Having mood swing's has been directly linked to being dehydrated.

Feeling stressed or uneasy?
Calcium!!! It help's to reduce anxiety. Mad? When you get mad, your blood pressure and heart rate start to climb. Try some high pectim foods like apples and grapefruit's. They will help your heart rate get back to normal!

Remember all this information came from Hungry Girl, so be sure to head over there, read the full article and check out some delicious recipie's while you are there!

Today's menu:
Eggs, Canadian bacon, 1/2 cup of hashbrown potatoe's and 2 clemintines
Small Booster Juice after the gym
Carrots and pepper slices, tall latte
Dinner: Salad with rasisins, veggies and chicken
Light hot chocolate and a banada

No lunch today. I woke up late (11AM!) so I just stretched my snack's today instead!
I have to work a close tonight, BOO!

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