Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tomorrow's grocery list...

Gotta run to the grocery store tomorrow morning before work! On the list:


That's it! Just a quick in and out.

The other thing on the shopping list is a scale. I know, I know, you are all wanting to pull MY hair out right now (Why would you pull your own out??) However, I was thinking about it tonight, and I hate waiting 7 day's between weighing in. I think it let's me be a little more leanient at the beginning of the week, which is why I'm not always getting the result's that I want. I need to get on the scale every morning and document it so that I am accountable every day. I have been playing in the same 5 pound range since Christmas, and it's time to break this plateau! Jacqueline and I are racing to my goal. I'm about 13 pounds away. I want to get there by mid June, which would be one year since I started WW. She is in a wedding this summer and said that 10 pounds would make her look stellar in her dress. So, the race is on! :)

Last note...Ash made this adorable calendar for Activity in April. I am going to post it over <--- there and add to it everyday that I get active! It start's tomorrow, since I didn't find her cute calendar under today!

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  1. I use my scale most days! Maybe every other day but I find it very helpful to stay accountable! The trick is just to watch to make sure you don't become totally obsessed with weighing yourself. Hope it works for you, good luck!


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