Monday, July 13, 2009

Colour you day's healthy!

Sunday: Black Beans, Strawberries, Cucumber
Monday: Apple, Pineapple, Cantelope

All of it was delicious!

This morning I had a Cora's inspired breakfast, and had a crepe with cheddar and diced apple. OMG. Can you say deliciousness on a plate? I LOVE Apples and Cheese together!
Lunch was a veggie Pita from Extreme Pita, and dinner is a mish mosh salad of all the veggies that I need to get out of my fridge.

Tomorrow is a half day at work! :) We have a meeting at my district manager's house, and in order to say "Thanks" for all out our hard work, he's allowing us to
a) dress in casual, not uniform
b) have a half day
c) A BBQ'd lunch. I am going to bring a sandwhich or something though, as I am not sure of what the contents of lunch with be, and if there are any other vegetarian's

It's 8:35, I am going to bed. I only slept for a few hours latnight before taking my neighbour and her nephew to the airport at 6 this morning!

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