Thursday, July 16, 2009

I was tagged!

by Sarah at Super-Cali-Franga-Listic-Expie-Ala-Docious. (or some sort of spelling along those lines!)

The purpse of this tag is to share with you, 7 trait's about me that you don't know!

1. I have very small OCD's. Small, because they are just little things that I do every day, however they haunt me if they are not done my way.

Some of them include:
-money (heads must all be facing the same way, and they must be in order of denomination)
-socks. I can not stand socks that look like they have be warn. They must look brand new for me to wear them. This haunts me when I own white socks. After they are washed once, they look old to me. This stears me away from buying any socks that are not black.
-Shoes. I'm not OBSESSED with shoes, like most girl's claim to be, however, my shoes must match my outfit. Example, the other day I went to a meeting and the attire was "business casual"I got all dressed up in a cute pair of plaid capri's (purple and grey's mostly) and an adorable purple top. I felt so cute in my outfit. And then I realized that I couldn't find my purple flat's anywhere. Instead of wearing the white ones that would have looked perfectly fine, I had to go downstairs and change my entire outfit.

2. Outside of my house, I have to be organized to the annoyance of other people. When I am writing, my printing/handwriting has to be perfect, lines must be drawn at an exact 180 degree line. Binder's, filefolder's ect must be colour coded and paper's can not be falling out anywhere. It drive's my manager insane as I have to pull out a ruler every single time I draw a line, and if it isn't straight, I throw out the paper and start again no matter how much work I had done. However, my house is a disaster. It's not dirty by any means, but thing's are just put away, they don't have a place or a specific spot to sit.

3. My wake up/bed time routine is timed down to the minute. To the point that, while I sleep with my phone on, it is turned off while I am getting ready for work/getting ready for bed. If I get interupted at all, it throw's off my whole mindset, and my day goes all wrong, or I don't sleep at night.

4. Bills! I hate having bills/owing money to the point that every single bill I owe comes out of my bank directly. And I write it all down in my day planner so I know when they are coming out. If my payment's haven't been taken out of the bank by noon that day, I am on the phone with whatever company it may be, asking why the money hasn't come out yet.

5. Cell Phone. My cell phone must be on me at all time's or I feel like I do not have access to the world. I use it for everything. As a day timer, an alarm, a clock (I don't wear watches) If I forget it at home, the minute I realize, no matter how far I am from home, I must turn around and get it.

6. I have horrible anxiety to be other people's homes. I don't know what it is, but I never feel comfortable in someone else's house except my own. The meeting that I mentioned about, was at my district manager's house. I didn't sleep the night before, had a racing heart all morning before the meeting, and...once I got there..I didn't speak one word unless I was spoken to. I don't know what it is, but I am not comfortable in surroundings that are not my own.

7. I hate the dark. While I am not scared of the dark, I hate to be in it. I have a horrible habbit of
a) turning on all the lights in the room
b) not turning lights off when I leave the room.
I *hate* walking into dark rooms!

That's it! 7 things about me that you didn't know!
My bloglist isn't super long, so I'm going to tag 7 people, and if you have already been tagged, sorry about that!

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  1. Interesting, interesting.... its good to know a little bit more about you. Super spelling too! :o)


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