Sunday, July 19, 2009

I Promise...

to be a better blogger.
I log into my blogspot dashboard multiple times a day and read all of your blog updates, and then fail to publish my own post!
I've always wanted to be one of those devoted blogger's that post daily (maybe two times!) but I never seem to be able to get myself into it.
So, I promise to blog more, about my food, and other interesting things. (I promise! I say it again because third time's a charm right?)
I went and got a few groceries this morning!

Look at the size of tihs contained of strawberries that I scored for $3.99!

I usually like to pick up fruit's and veggie's at the farmer's market on Saturday mornings, however, yesterday I had an unexpected sleep in until 11:30am! And the market only goes until 12:30, so by the time I got up, and showered, took the dog's around the block, and fed them, I wouldn't have made it!

I gotta put those grocerie's away and get ready for work. 2:15 until 10:45 tonight.
Stay tuned this week, with my promise of blogging more, I will review
*Ashley's rainbow salad
*My first shot at the Green Monster
*My wonderful shopping trip at Lush (adore this store!)
*Week 2 of the 4 week to 5 serving challenge

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