Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's safe to say..

that I am back on track and loving it!

I wasn't sure if I would make it to weigh in tonight, as my mom called today and my aunt was back in ICU. She had a heart attack two weeks ago that lasted a week, and they put a stint in her leg. She was home (well, at her brother's) for about 4 day's, and then started feeling funny again, so she went to emerg, and they immediatly put her in an ambulance and transfered her to McMaster hospital for a bloog clot where they put the stint it. So, since I didn't get a chance to go see her last week due to work, I went out there today. I wasn't allowed to stay long though, as ICU at McMaster has some pretty tight rules with visiting hours.
So, I got home in time to get changed and make it to weigh in.

I lost a pound! I was so excited! I got a visitor about 2 hours before, so I was a bit nervous, but I jumped on the scale like it was my job!
I had a good week, though, so I deserved it!

However, then we started talking about excersise, and I shut up quickly! I don't know what it is-I HATE TO WORK OUT! I can't find anything that makes me want to work out. I've tried it all (almost) I have to suck it up and just make myself do it!
But I did make a promise to Lindsay that I would exercise this week. Of some sort. I'm gonna try hiking, hopefully, if the weather clears up for my day off on Tuesday. I have to find something. The winter is easier for me, because I can just dance. I dance with my student's, I dance at home when I am choreographing, I just go to the studio in my spare time and dance. My apartment isn't big enough for me to dance at home though, so I don't dance in the summer. I need to find something!

Okay, enough of my complaining about something that I just have to suck up and do! Here's my eat's from the last couple day's.

Yesterday I was late for work. Like, really late! I woke up at 7:22 and was supposed to start at 7. I don't know what happened. Needless to say, I didn't have time to bring ANYTHING to work!
So breakfast was a bagel w/ cream cheese from Starbucks, then I worked my tail off all day, so I didn't ge to break for lunch, but I had a Vivanno to tide me over. I love them sometimes! But with the calorie count in them and stuff, they really are a meal replacement. I love the added protein and fibre in them.
Dinner was some leftover Corn and Blackbean salad heated up in the frying pan and served over some brown rice. It was quite delicious! Stay tuned: Tomorrow I'm going to try something different with it to finish up the left over's!

This morning was a 5AM start, and I was a little slow getting ready so I didn't get anything ready for work either.
Breakfast: Oatmeal with brown sugar
Snack: Banana
Lunch: BP and Banana sandwhich
I always eat really light on the day of WI since I weigh in at night time.
Then for dinner I had some whole wheat pasta with vegetarian bolognase sauce with some broccoli, carrots and green peppers thrown in, and a small green salad on the side. I always eat spaghetti on Thursday nights because it's so quick and easy to cook, and I only have about 15 mintues to get dinner ready before So You Think You Can Dance starts!
It was a great episode tonight! While Jeanette was an AMAZING dancer, I think Kayla is just a beautiful dancer. She's not my favourite (I'm not sure what is abotu her that throws me off but there's something) However, I find her dancing is BEAUTIFUL! I love Melissa though! :) There's something about being a 29 year old ballerina with a rockin' body that totall inspires me. I'd love for her to win!
*sigh* It brought back the most beautiful memories to see the bench routine again. I was in heaven!

Over and out!

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  1. Could you take a dance class? Or maybe find some sort of workout/dance stuff on the web/dvd that you could manage in your apartment?

    I was surprised to see Jeanetter go, but Kayla is really beautiful!! I was disappointed that the Katie Holmes bit was prerecorded (as well as her vocals...) I loved seeing 'The bench' again :)


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