Tuesday, July 21, 2009

That wasn't in the plan!

Read on, to find out what I am talking about!
Today I was up at the crack of dawn (4:45am) to get ready for work. I tried to get there for 6, but it was more 6:15'ish. I spent the first 3 hours of my day fiddling around with Microsoft Word trying to create a template to add to my schedules. It took a while, but I got it. THEN I went to try and print it on my schedules, using my work printer, and the USB Cord for the printer woudn't fit in my laptop so if was off to Staples I went at 8AM. Luckily I found the cord all on my own! (I don't like asking people, because I feel dumb sometimes, like I should know the answer.)
In the end, it all got sorted out!

Food today was fairly good:
Breakfast, 1cup of multigrain cheerios, a tiny bit of non fat milk, and a banana
Snack: Apple
Lunch: Toast with 1 tbsp. fat free cream cheese and lettuce and tomato slices, strawberries and cucumber
After work we had our BBQ.
This is where things got...fun
When I got to my manager's house, it was POURING rain, so I threw my keys in my purse, and ran around to the otherside of my Jeep to get out all the stuff I had to bring it...so I went to the other side, and I had locked my keys inside my purse, inside the car.
While waiting for CAA mostly everyone started eating. So by the time I got my salad inside, there was only 2 of us left to eat. (The vegetarian's, who were waiting for the grill to be cleaned before I threw our Nature Burger's on)
Now I have this massive bowl of Ashley's Colourful Salad sitting in my fridge.
Any idea's on how I can re-use it this week? Other than just eating it as a side of course! I was thinking of heating it all up and throwing it into a wrap, or maybe over a salad...I'm not sure yet. I'm open to idea's!
Oh, yea, at the BBQ (which ended up inside because it was pouring rain) I ate:
A Nature Burger on a delicious fresh made bun, corn and black bean salad (3/4cup) and 1 cup of Strawberry and Slivered Almond spinach salad. I also ate a few tostio's and salsa. No dessert though, as they both contained eggs. Probably for the better anyway. Because the brownie's looked delicious, and I probably could have eaten the entire tray.

Anyway, I'm gonna jet out early tonight. I'm kind of tired, and I borrowed Angels and Deamon's off a friend today, so I have to finish reading Julie and Julia first!

I did take pictures of my food today, but I am too lazy to upload them right now! :(

Tomorrow is salary negotiation day with my district manager. Wish me luck!

P.S. Congrats to Jaime for reaching over 100 follower's! If you don't follow Embracing Balance, I suggest you do! She eat's the most delicious food, and is a fellow Starbucks addict, as well as a coffee mug collector like myself!

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