Thursday, August 20, 2009

Holy Thunder, Batman!

We had a tornado touch down in my town tonight.
It was only two street's away from me.
Half the town is blocked off by police officer's right now due to the missing roofs and uprooted trees everywhere.
It was insane.
No power for 2 hours!

But....being the good girl I am, I still went to WI in the middle of it all! My WI in in another town, and I called a friend who lived there and she said that it wasn't half as bad there.
I was THISclose to being out of the 150's. I lost .6, taking my down to 150.0. Yes, .0! But I'm okay with it! That's a great number and I am getting closer and closer to by Christmas weight again, and I will be happy there!
I am going to call goal the day that Lindsay and I leave for Vegas. I think it would be a fantastic way to remember this interesting journey I've taken myself on

Today looked like this:
Wake up at 8:45 to my District Manager calling me. Seriously! Who calls someone at that time of the morning on their day off? Well, I guess most normal people get up earlier than 11!
Breakfast was a smoothie with:
*vanilla yogurt
*strawberry banana fruit juice/puree type stuff
*5 strawberries
*1/8 of a pineapple.
It was yummy, but didn't keep me full for too long.

I then ended up having to go to my store for a bit, to do some damage control/schedule moving around after my phone call with my DM
But then came home and had a pizza on a WW tortilla with spinach, sauce, cheese, green pepper and red onion, served with a salad of baby spinach and arugula, 1/4 of an apple, 2 strawberries, some crutons for crunch. I wasn't feeling the oil for a dressing today so I added some honey, a la Jaime. What a smart dressing idea! :) I added a little bit of balsamic as well, just for the sourness of it.

I then spent 2 horus at the dentist having more cavities filled. I'm ALMOST done all the dental work I need after taking a 7 year absence from the dentist. I just have to go in on Sept 2nd to get my root canal's finished and for 2 more fillings on Sept 17th. They wanted to do the fillings next week, but I decided that I need a break after being at the dentist once or twice a week for the last 5 weeks.

I then sat through that crazy rainstorm and went to WI and then came home to my roommate asking me to help her decorate cupcakes for a bachelorette weekend away she is leaving for tomorrow. It was a fun time. We made two dozen chocolate cupcakes and frosted them in a bright pink and wrote some fun stuff on it in brown icing. Jenny had more fun eating the extra cupcakes then icing them. I didn't touch them as they contained eggs. Scores for me!

Dinner was a quick pasta with tomato sauce and a piece of garlic bread, which I almost always have on WI nights because it's quick and easy.

Well, I'm off to stare out the window at the police officer's cleaning up our streets, then head to bed!

Good night all!


  1. I can't believe I missed the huge storm!! We had a bit of thunder and lightening in Niagara Falls, but NOTHING like you guys had!!

    Way to go on the loss!! Keep up the great work and you will be OUT of the 150's very soon!!And I have to say that you have some serious dedication heading to WI when it was so horrible outside!

    And yes, let's plan a date soon! It would be realy nice to see you.

  2. Congrats on your loss! That's great!!! :)
    That storm was intense!!


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