Sunday, August 23, 2009

Organization 101

I have OCD when it comes to organization. It drives most people crazy. Everything on and in my desk has a place, and things are colour coded, alphabitised and in order of date.
My staff at my new store is SO happy that I have come in and brought order to the place. Apparently the last manager was very disorganized. I think it was the baby brain, as she was pregnant.

I decided that I needed to carry that order into my life at home as well. My house is neat, everything in it's place, but my eating schedule is so out of wack. I don't plan ahead, and sometime's it's 8:30PM, I decide I'm hungry and have to throw something together super quick before I start to binge.
Tons of people talk about meal planning and organizing their week ahead. Ashley and Caitlin are a couple.
I've tried meal planning before, but never actually sat down and really focused on it. This week I decided to try really hard.
Alas, this is what I came up with.

After I took the list grocery shopping (I made a shopping list on the back) I put it up on my fridge.

I planned out my breakfast's, lunches and dinner's and left about 4-5 points per day to choose my snacks as I go.
It made grocery shopping a lot more fun, and I am dedicated to trying new things now like:
sun dried tomato quinoa
no cook apple sauce
grapefruit salsa (which I will just eat as a salad)

There's also some fun stuff in there like
oatmeal with chocolate and banana
veggie lasagna
I put my work schedule along the top as well, so that I have easier lunches planned for the day's that I work.

Grocery shopping was a ton of fun!

Look at all those fresh fruits and veggies! Yum!
And my ITunes card, so that I can load up on new music for the studio this year! :)
I'm trying to eat a LOT cleaner from here. I'm getting sick of the processed stuff. Notice the fresh side has a lot more in quantity than the bread section. One thing at a time.

Tomorrow's a day off. YAY. Since taking over the store this week I have been there for about 10 hours everyday. Tomorrow I'm hoping to not have to go in at all.
Cross your fingers for me!

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