Sunday, August 23, 2009

so sad...

I'm a little sad/disappointed today. I was supposed to go to my mom's up north after work yesterday to spend the day with the fam today, but as I went to leave it started raining like CRAZY. I couldn't even see while I was driving down my street. And the lightening was uber scary. So, I turned around. We definatly got a huge rain storm lastnight. Maybe it's some effects of Hurricane Bill that's sweeping through the Atlantic.
Instead, I stayed in, gave my blog a much needed make over and enjyoed a delicious dinner.

Pizza with spinach, tomato sauce, cheese, green peppers and red onion on a WW tortilla, served with a delicious spinach and arugula salad with some cruton's for crunch.

I stayed up late lastnight just lounging reading blogs, watching America's Best Dance Crew, twitter'ing and just chiling out. When I finally went to bed around 2, I had my alarm set to go off every two hours. Whent he power goes out our sump-pump (??) sometimes kicks off and we are welcomed by an unwanted flood in the basement. So I wanted to keep an eye on it, so I didn't have to wake up to a flood. The verdict? 2 hour sleeping increments are horrid, but we had NO flood!

Breakfast this morning was pancakes with bananas and chocolate. I felt like a monkey eating them, lol. But they were delicious. By the time lunch rolled around though, I was craving some serious veggies.

I'm trying so hard to like hummus. I've tried it with multiple dishes, but I just can't enjoy it. The rest of the sandwhich was good though.
I had it with some veggie sticks and grapes on the side.
I'm super full!

I'm gonna spend the afternoon walking around town with my puppy. There *may* be a Starbucks run for an iced coffee!

Happy Sunday!
Top 20 on SYTYCD Canada tonight!
Go Nicole Bowz!!!


  1. Hummus just doesn't do it for everyone. Have you tried a bean dip/spread made from a different variety of bean? It makes such a differnce!

  2. Awh, sorry to hear that you didn't get to spend time with your family. Your blog looks great though. This is my first time visiting so I don't know what it looked like before, but it's very cute

  3. Sorry about not seeing you family! I would be super bummed about that too but good idea playing it safe :) I hate all this terrible rain, we got caught in some today!

    Have you tried making your own hummus? I don't know maybe you just don't like it but I have to say, it tastes much different than the store bought kind, depending on which kind you buy (as a bonus, it's way cheaper to make your own!)


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