Friday, March 27, 2009

Day off, shopping, meal planning, sunshine.

What a georgeous day. It's amazing how a little bit of sunshine can make everyone so much happier. Currently I am sitting in my backyard with my room mate and neighbour, drinking some Iced Passion Tea (shamless Starbucks plug) and enjoying the sunshine. When I went out today I even took the roof off my Jeep. (Yes, I did need to have the heat turned on, but it was still fun!)
I've decided that I'm in a funk foodwise. I'm bored of eating the same thing everyday. So, I did something that I always said I would do, and never really have done.
I planned my ENTIRE week (minus the snacks, I'll leave that up to daily cravings)
After reading Ashley's blog the other day, I realized how much easier it will be if I plan meals. Fruits and veggies won't go bad in my fridge, because I have exactly what I need for the week. So, here goes!
yogurt with apples and cinnamon
french toast with fruit
sandwhiches with whole wheat english muffins, egg beaters and Canadian Bacon.
cereal/oatmeals fancied up

Salads (got LOTS of different things, like fruit, dried fruit, raisins, chicken, tuna ect.)
Sandwhiches (I bought some fat free smoked turkey breast)
Soups and Crackers

I am SO excited for these. Since I only cook for myself, and I sometime's work night's, I've decided that I am going to try 3 new recipies this week and make 2 servings of each, and will eat it two day's in a row. Makes it a little bit easier with work and things.

*Firecracker Turkey Chili from the WW Momentum Cookbook. (It's a slowcooker recipie. Perfect for when I work 12-8:30 tomorrow and 10:30-7 on Sunday.
*Porkchops with Apples and Sauerkraut (Sauerkraut will be my new food trial of the week. Never tried the stuff before) served with Parmesian Roasted Cauliflower from the Biggest Loser Cookbook
*Low and Slow Sloppy Joes with sweet potato fries. Also from the WW Momentum Cookbook. Jessica told me that her family had these one day last week and they were delicious and low in points, and it's another slowcooker recipie so I decided that I would give it a try.

I'm excited to start using my cookbooks. Not just buy them (I have about 15) and look through them imagining what I will make. I also made Goody TwoChews from ESBM this week. I've made them before though, and they are delicious. They are like granola bars, but don't have as many sugar'y ingredients.

I got my new CanFitPro magazine this week. It's the "running" issue, so a lot of it wasn't relevant to me, since I don't run much anymore, because after one day my shin's are bothering me. However, there was a very interesting article called "Re-shift your focus: Focus on finishing versus weight loss"
It was about how client's are always telling their PT's that "..,as soon as I loose the weight/get fit, then I'll start doing the things I've always wanted to do." But why do we have to wait? You are living the moment, enjoying life and getting healthy along the way.
Here's an example they used in the article put into my own words so I'm not copying it! :)
Let's say that somebody you know set's a goal of finishing a 10k race. They have a deadline and gives them a reason to stick to their training schedule and not miss a workout. However, what if someone say's that their goal is to lose 10 pounds in 2 months, and then by the end of their time frame they haven't lost it because they were off track. "Well, I guess I can wait a couple more weks to achieve that goal." Will obviously be their thought.
So, what I want you to take from this is do not WAIT until you get to where you want to be before you start trying new things.
This week, I will challenge you to try something that you said that you were going to put off until you got to your goal.
I'm going to go bike riding. I haven't rid a bike since I was abuot 14. Last year I said that this summer, when I am at my goal, I will go buy a mountain bike and try it out. But, the weather is beautiful these day's, there's lots of easy trail's around my house, a friend gave me her old bike the other day, and WHY WAIT! I am going to try mountain biking on Tuesday morning! You try something to!

Today's quote:
"The past does not define, you the present does." -Jillian Michaels <3>

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