Sunday, May 24, 2009

Summer is here to stay! :)

So, it's officially been nice for basically the entire week. I believe that means that summer is finally here to stay! Thank goodness, I hate winter.

My week was...alright, I guess.
I started the week feeling really down, no real reason, just..not myself. I've been feeling crappy on and off now for a few weeks, but this week was not so good at all. I basically slept and worked, and that was all I wanted to do. Well, I didn't even really want to work, to be totally honest. However, yesterday I woke up feeling a bit better, and today a bit better as well.

However, this week I did get to enjoy my first patio beer of the summer. It was delicious. And I just let myself have two, which was good as well. My friend and I drove around for a couple hours that night with the top off my Jeep which was quite fun as well.

Okay, let's by honest...I am horrible at taking pictures of my food. I try, I really do, but it usually just slip's my mind! Here's a couple from this week though.
Wednesday was a beautiful day outside, so I enjoyed lunch outside with the puppies. Lunch included, 1/2 a frozen Lean Cuisine Pinini. With frozen meals, I always only eat half of them because of the high sodium content that I don't always like, but sometime's it's just super convenient. I enjoyed it with 1 kiwi's, carrot sticks, and an apple. Well, I only got 2 slice's of apple, because the dog's love apples, and I kept giving them pieces, next thing I knew, it was gone!

Other lunches included taco salads, tuna sandwhiches, yogurt with granola and fruit. Breakfast's have been fairly boring, but have included multi-grain oatmeal with fruit, and multi-grain cheerio's. There might have been a bagel with regular cream cheese in there too (yummy).
Dinner's have been fairly simple usually with either chicken or fish, veggies and once I had some mashed potato's too.
However, tonight's dinner was delicious. I just had a chicken and broccoli stir-fry with teriyaki sauce. Quite yummy!

Lately I've been toying with the fact of becoming part vegetarian. I won't give up things like butter, cheese and milk, but just meat as in a dead animal. I'm not sure if it's something I am ready to experience, but I like the idea that it stand's for. Over the next couple weeks I am going to try and incorporate some alternative protein's, and see how I feel about it. I am also going to read a little bit into suppliment's for things that I could be lacking if I choose this life style. I'm gonna give it a try, we'll see how it goes.

Alright, well, it's only 7:30pm and I am exhausted, so I think it's time for a shower and a very early bed. 9:00 sound's good, but 8:30 sounds better. Work at 5am tomorrow, so 3:30am come's pretty early.

New layout is coming tomorrow. I've found one that I think I really like :)

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