Saturday, May 30, 2009

Will the weather decide...

what it wants to do? Yesterday was absolutly BEAUTIFUL, and I was outside all afternoon/early evening, and then out of no where came a tornado like winds, and torrential downpour! Today was the same. Cold morning, but then went up to 22*, and then I was inside a theatre for 2 hours, and then I came out to downpour again! I wish it would just decide what to do, thus making it easier to dress in the morning.

Alright, so I have lots to catch up on, like I promised!
First, my food of the week from last's! So many people I talked to couldn't believe that I had never tried one. So I peeled it, and cut it into cubes. I liked it! I thought that it tasted a lot like a peach! The texture was good. I'm a huge texture person, and won't eat a lot of foods because I find them too slimy, or crunchy or something. Overall, I would eat them again! However, the store that I got them at only had organic, and while I'd love to eat organic all the time, I truly can't afford it right now, so I'll stick to peaches until I find them cheaper!

Onto a coule other new products I tried this week! First up, is Silhouette 0+ yogurt with green tea extracts, pineapple flavour. I always see the green tea extract flavours in the store, but never buy them!

I liked it. Sometime's I find it very hard to digest yogurt, as I have occasional battles with lactose intolerence, but this digested very well, and tasted delicious with some raspberries, strawberries and Fibre 1 cereal!

Another new product I tired while shopping at Planet Organic for my night time teas was Food Should Taste Good organic Multigrain chips. I loved them. They were just salty enough to satisfy my craving for chips, and I liked that they were organic and free of all those added flavourings.

I may have induldged in more than 1 serving the day that I bought them.

Onto my new found vegetarianism. I haven't gone vegan (yet, although quite possible over the next few months) but have decided to give up meat for the time being. I investigated a few recipies that I am very excited to try. However, for my first couple meals I thought I would keep it simple.

First up I tried some veggie sytle ground beef, added to whole wheat pasta, with some tomato and basil sauce and carrots and broccoli. I enjoyed it, although was very nervous to try it. I am looking forward to trying other veggie style "meats". Taco's are on my list this week!
Lastnight I turned this...

into this...

My room mate and friends were bbq'ing hamburg's, so I decided to look up a fun, veggie friendly version,and came across the recipie for apple burgers. I know, sounds funny right? While they were okaaay, I don't think I will make them again. They didn't really have a lot of flavour to them except ginger. While I do like ginger, I like it mixed in things, and not as the main taste. the recipie was for 4-6 so I cut it in half and still ended up with 6 burger's! I left one in the fridge for a quick go to dinner this week and put the rest in the freezer, however I don't think I'll be keeping them around for long.

Well, I'm off to do some yoga. I am feeling super lazy tonight, and really don't feel like doing anything, however after reading Jamie's post, I felt a little bit inspired. I could use a little yoga love in my life. I've been feeling very tense lately especially in my upper back. Early bed tonight. I have to work at 5:30 tomorrow morning. *yawn* I wasn't supposed to start until later, however I had to let one of my supervisor's go today. It was the first time in my 6 year's of managing restaurant's that I've had to let someone go. It was not happy. And truthfully, I came home and cried harder then she did while I was talking to her. Yea, I'm a bit emotional too...

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  1. Best of luck on the vegetarian life style. I tried it for 7 months and fell off the wagon LOL

    I find that there are quite a lot of good "meats" out there. One that I really loved was Au Naturals "Chicken" Patties.


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