Thursday, June 11, 2009

Not enough hours in the day!

I haven't been online since...Saturday..maybe Sunday. Nope, Saturday.
I have been so busy it's unreal.
Saturday, I worked, Sunday, I worked from 5:30-2, then the lovely Ashley held a WW Awesome 20's pot luck. (Details coming later tonight, promise!) There was so much wonderful food.
Monday I worked 5-2:30, then was at the Studio from 4-9, was in bed the minute I walked in the door. Tuesday I worked 6:00-3:30 and was at the studio from 4-9:30, again, bed the minute I walked in the door, Wednesday I was altering costume's from 9AM until 1, then worked 2:15-10:45, came home, fell asleep watching So You Think You Can Dance (I LOVE Ade, Jenette, Brandon and Kayla so far) and today, I am working 10-6:30. Weigh in is tonight after work! Then i am coming home, having a veggie burger on BBQ (CRAVING!!!) and then going to bed again. Recital's are the weekend, photo's next week, and then recital's again the following weekend. BUSY time of year. I LOVE teaching more than anything, however, I always wish that I could fall asleep June 1st and not wake up until June 30th.
Off to get ready for work, blog update PROMISED tonight, (someone hold me to it!) I'll leave you with a few picture's of my cutie's getting their poses ready for picture week!

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  1. Such cute little kids!!

    I hope you get a chance to REST soon xo


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